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Future Skills and University 4.0 – are you ready for the change?

21. September 2018 Redaktion Synergie Keine Kommentare

Illustration zum BeitragAutorin: Isabell Fries


Our society is undergoing a profound change process. The digital transformation is changing social communication, work and learning processes. How do teaching and learning places have to change and what role do educational institutions, companies and civil society play in this? A completely new educational concept has to be developed to restart educational change. The point is: Education will never disappear. It will just take up different forms. E-learning tools will be more important. Also the university as such can be created as forums and co-working space, where every student can design their own curriculum and get educated together as a team. The future on education is about access, anywhere learning and collaboration, both locally and globally. Blockchain technology allows mobility through universal and decentralized certification. Skills, that will be relevant in 20 years to distinguish humans from machines have to be taught, such as ICT skills, creativity or empathy. Further, the future of education will redefine educators into mentors and require them to be more entrepreneurial, collaborative, creative and innovative. In the end the university will be important as a space for social interaction and connection.